Understanding Shared Proxies: Are They the Right Option?

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Shared proxies are IP addresses used by several users at once. While these are considered inferior to private proxies, they are deemed suitable for most online tasks. Also, shared proxies are considered a more affordable option. 

You may already know that your IP address is similar to your ID. It includes all the essential information about you. If your goal is to hide your true IP address and remain anonymous when you are extracting data from the internet, proxies are a must. 

Who Uses Shared Proxies? 

When dealing with shared proxies, you will find they are ideal in some situations. Usually, this type of proxy is used by individuals who want to browse online anonymously and be able to bypass issues related to web filters. 

You can also use this type of proxy to connect to a website from a specific location. An example of this would be if you want to appear like a user from the UK, you could use a UK proxy. 

Learning more about shared proxies, the pros and cons, and other factors are crucial to determine if this is right for you. 

Semi-Dedicated vs. Shared Proxies 

When discussing shared proxies, you also need to understand what the semi-dedicated proxy is. 

The semi-dedicated proxy is a type of shared proxy. However, the provider of this will limit the total number of users that can share it. Typically, just a few people will have access to the exact same IP. This means when you use a semi-dedicated proxy, you can achieve improved speed and performance. 

Benefits Offered by Shared Proxies 

There are several benefits offered by choosing shared proxies. These benefits can be found here. 

More Affordable 

The primary advantage of a shared proxy is that they are typically more affordable than a dedicated proxy. This is the most common reason that some people choose the shared IP. 

Also, since a proxy provider is selling the same IP to several users, it is much more affordable to maintain the shared servers. The providers will spilt the costs, providing a much lower price for the users. 

In some situations, the shared proxy is a smart option for beginners to help experiment with until figuring out the precise need for a project. All this is possible while keeping the start-up costs on the lower side of things. 

Works with Most Scraping Tools

A shared proxy is beneficial when you are using specific web scraping tools. This is true if the target website has not blocked the given IP address. 

Highly Anonymous 

Shared proxies provided you with a high level of anonymity. This is because, with several users who share the same IP address, it is virtually impossible to identify just a single user. Using a proxy provides an array of benefits. If you are searching for a more affordable option, then a shared proxy will likely be a smart decision. If you want to achieve the desired results, be sure to work with a quality service provider.