Increasing Online Security Through Proxy Servers

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Online security concerns are always at the forefront of many peoples’ list of worries regarding using technology. Increasing your privacy while using the internet and browsing the web can be easier than you may think. Proxy servers are becoming a mainstream tool for increasing online privacy for both individuals and businesses alike. 

Security Concerns When Browsing

When people open their web browsers to go directly to a website through that site’s URL, a direct connection is made. That website can then “see” information about the computer and browser used to connect to it, including vital data such as the ISP and location. Your operating system, network and public IP address, connection speed, service provider, and even which social networks your computer is logged into are all there to be seen. 

While specific details such as exact location address and personal information such as age are not part of this shared data, a lot of important information can be inferred about your computer and the software it is running. Using a proxy can significantly decrease the amount of personal data accessible from your personal and professional use of the internet.

How A Proxy Server Increases Security

A proxy server acts as a sort of intermediary for your computer. Once your computer has been configured to use a proxy server, it does the heavy lifting for you. When you are ready to go to a website, your browser will connect to your proxy server, then go and retrieve the site. 

The proxy server keeps your computer from making direct contact with a website, which means less of your personal information is revealed in the transaction. While this service helps increase your privacy while online, a proxy server can go one step further in security measures. The proxy server will pick up any website that attempts to discover your information through the transaction, and you will be made aware. 

Choosing A Reputable Proxy Server 

Proxy servers increase your online security; however, they do not totally prohibit your information from being accessed by other means. The company that runs your proxy server has access to what is being passed over it, making it imperative that you have trust in the company that hosts your proxy server. ProxiesNow! provides high-quality private proxies that you can trust. When it comes to keeping your personal and professional information secure online, call ProxiesNow! and get the service you deserve.