Shared Proxies and Other Related Services

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At ProxiesNow! we offer proxy services that can help you to protect your Internet activity from prying eyes, and build a more confident business model.

We offer HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies suitable for modern business use.

One of the big questions in figuring out how to use these services is around whether to use private proxies, in which a proxy server only handles traffic for one client, or multitenant shared proxies.

Let’s talk a little bit about how this works…

Working With Shared Proxies

With shared proxies, multiple clients utilize connections over the same server. There are controls built in to prevent different kinds of cross traffic, so shared proxies are really not that wide open or lacking in practical security, in some ways. They’re also not significantly inconvenient, but they do have their own drawbacks in some cases.

The benefit of the shared proxy is that it saves money. You can utilize the shared proxies freely on the smaller subscriber budget.

The Design of Private Proxies

As mentioned above, shared proxies have multiple kinds of traffic routed over the same infrastructure.

Not so with private proxies, in which a particular setup is built for one client, and one client only.

The benefits of these private proxies is that in exchange for a higher price tag, they can provide faster and more secure connections.

The Analogy to Public and Private Cloud

In a lot of ways, shared and private proxies are like the choice between public and private cloud models.

Companies are flocking to the cloud for workload handling, code implementation and service provisions. Businesses can subscribe to all kinds of cloud services, but the same question applies – do they want a private cloud or a shared multitenant cloud space? What will “the cloud” look like for a given business?

The same kinds of benefits and disadvantages that we talked about above apply to the cloud. Some companies believe that multitenant systems are not safe enough, while others are perfectly fine utilizing them. Some want to pay much more for private service, while others balk at the price tag.

We offer shared and private proxies for business that can help you to be confident about the ways that you use the Internet and communicate with the world outside your network. Take a look and ask us any questions about different services models as you find the right one for you and your business. In technology, the right implementation is important. We get that, and we work with our customers to find that perfect solution.