Month: September 2020

Understanding Shared Proxies: Are They the Right Option?

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Shared proxies are IP addresses used by several users at once. While these are considered inferior to private proxies, they are deemed suitable for most online tasks. Also, shared proxies are considered a more affordable option.  You may already know that your IP address is similar to your ID. It…

Proxy Authentication

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The first step to using your proxies is understanding how you want to ‘authenticate’ your IPs. The reason this is necessary is because we offer private proxy IPs, and we do not want anyone else to use them other than our clients. We offer both ‘IP authentication’ and ‘username /…

How to Use Your Proxies

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Thank you for choosing as your proxy provider! To get you started please follow these instructions. Please be sure to read the first guide on using the IP Authentication and username / password credentials. The proxies will not work unless you follow that guide. Important First Step: IP Authentication…